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Every portrait I do is very personal to me, therefore, my goal is to deliver the best oil portrait commission possible.

When I am first contacted by a client, I like to spend time getting to know them and learn more about what they are looking for. Working together helps achieve a much more dynamic portrait.


Whenever possible and because of the level of detail that I try to attain in my work, I very much prefer to work from my own photography. If my client is local, I will meet with them, get to know the subject if possible, and collaborate to select which clothing, props, and background setting will work the best.

Following our initial meeting, I will schedule a professional photo shoot with the subject. We will shoot in the agreed upon setting and with the selected wardrobe and props. At that time, I will also take several reference shots of the subject, setting, wardrobe, and props.

Please note that there is no additional charge for the photo shoot.

After the session, I will process the digital photos and work with the client to choose the best pose and look for the final portrait. At that time, we will discuss any color or design changes and I will be ready to begin.

NON LOCAL (more than 60 miles)

The process for working with a non local client is very similar to that of a local one with the obvious exception that I may not be able to conduct the photo shoot. While I am willing to travel to a non local client to meet with or conduct the reference shoot, any travel expenses will be factored in to the commission price.


Whether you are local or not, you may already have a recent, digital photo that you want to have used to create your portrait. If your picture is of high enough quality and resolution, there should not be very many issues other than possibly some minor color or design choices.


If you wish to have a portrait done from a vintage photo or from just an old picture, the first step would be to obtain the highest quality scan of the original photo as possible. The commissioned portraite The Woods is an example of the work and level of detail that I was able to create from a moderate level resolution copy of a vintage photo.

We will discuss whether you want your portrait to be monochrome (B&W, Sepia, Ect) or whether you would like to add color.

Please be aware that with vintage, damaged, low res, or inferior quality photos, it may be necessary for me to take some “artistic liscense” to complete your commission.


Once the painting process has begun, your painting will take aproximately three months to complete. If it is a local client, I will deliver the painting myself, but if it is non local, your painting will be shipped. Shipping costs or cost for travel over 60 miles for delivery will be added to the commission price.


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